RJ Jen


Name: Jenneth Mawlong

Qualification: Masters in Music

She enjoys: Listening to Music, watching movies

Little known facts about her: She loves to explore new places and meet new people
Persona Positives good singer, sweet voice, good connect with local singers.

About Show FULL VOLUME –

She talks about various Khasi communities- their music, rituals, headman etc, city updates, listener interaction, features young talented bands in Big Studio segment. She also does Big Request, a song request based show that runs in Shillong & Aizawl.

Show Timing ? 5 to 9 pm

RJ's From Shillong

RJ Bob


Name: Baiarphang Syiem

He enjoys: Football & Family

Little known facts about him: He has played first division football

Persona Positives expert in sports ? especially football, preferred for outdoor activities.


He talks about nostalgia associated with School, School event updates, fun games etc, city updates, expert interaction, traffic updates, celeb or listener message read out. He also does a show on Football called FOOTBALL DIARIES that runs in Shillong & Aizawl.

Show Timing ? 7 to 11 am

RJ's From Shillong