RJ Rajiv


About RJ : A Movie Lover, Traveler & Gadget Freak He is a big fan of Salman Khan  Ranveer Singh

RJ Guru


Guru is funny, witty and injects energy to whichever situation he is in. He is crazy about eating, shopping and radio.

More than a decade in the entertainment industry Guru is passionate about theatre and anchoring. It plays a pivotal role in the kind of stories and music he presents.
Big Chai, Mon- Sat 7:00am to 11:00am

RJ Guddi


She is soft spoken, vibrant, down to earth, straight forward and finds inspiration in fashion, food and music.

She is the gir- next-door with the allure and charm of someone whom you would want to come back to everyday. She is real, relatable and informed about everyday topics and has a strong celeb connect. She takes a genuine interest in acting, up to speed with the latest fashion trends and a tv buff.
Big Kitty, Mon- Sat 13:00pm to 17:00pm

RJ Soum


His unique and pleasant voice has managed to leave a mark in everyone?s heart. A foodie and an avid traveler, this Rourkela Rocker is a true digital phenomenon.

A blogger who acts like summer and walks like rain, easily switches between an impactful morning show and a fun filled evening show. Rj Soum is one of the hottest heart throbs.

Passion defines Soum!