RJ Koushik


An elocutionist, an actor, a celebrated master of ceremonies a prodigal infotainer, MJ Koushik lends credibility to the show by giving his opinions and insights on trending city topics and also by sharing heart warming human interest stories. He had concluded 100hours of Marathon in 2016. And was hosting the event of BIG PAIGHAM where the international artists performed and BSF officials from across the borders were entertained.

More than two decades in the entertainment industry Koushik is the quintessential Bengali with passion for Tagore. This manifests itself in the kind of content and music he presents.

RJ Pamela


She is soft spoken, down to earth, straightforward and finds inspiration in literature and music.

She is the girl next door with the allure of simplicity and charm whom you would want to come back to everyday. She is real, relatable and informed about everyday topics. She takes a genuine interest in cooking, up to speed with the latest fashion trends and a tv buff.

Her preferred distractions in life are theatre and elocution

RJ Sumanta


A story teller par excellence & a musical companion, trivia expert. An actor, elocutionist and Emcee, RJ Sumanta weaves magic with his warm and intimate voice.

The meandering course of his life (prior to joining radio) has endowed him with a wealth of experience that he constantly taps into while engaging with a loyal audience. He enthralls the audience by sharing unheard stories and trivia about Bengali film music.

A quintessential Bengali who is in love with his traditions and roots. Has immense respect for the Golden era artists. Where the RJ shares an exclusive story of a particular song every day.
Unearthing unknown stories of known melodies.
Recreating the magic of melodies of yesteryear