RJ Simran


RJ Simran is a dusky diva who is obsessed with fashion and is never scared to experiment with her looks. She is the one who tells you what is trendy and what is not so trendy? She’s friends with local fashion designers, bloggers and stylists. She?s a complete Bollywood buff, sometimes a little melodramatic and funny. Loves online shopping and reviewing her latest buys. Explores all the fashion streets/markets/exhibitions of Delhi. Always the first one to reach any fashion show or exhibition of Delhi. She also reviews the looks of celebrities and has experts talking about that.

Dhun Tunak Dhun (2PM-4PM)
• Dhun Tunak Dhun is a show that gives listeners a dose of latest trends and fashion
• If you are someone who craves for latest fashion and trends and you look at various sources and social media, RJ Simran is all you want to listen to
• She will ensure you come away with fun contests, trending stories and music to never let your afternoons lazy

RJ Khurafati Nitin


The original prankster of the radio world, the man with a husky voice, Khurafati Nitin is a powerhouse of entertainment. Nitin’s popularity cuts across listeners of various age groups. A quick thinker and an opinionated personality, Nitin brings in oodles of energy to his show He’s always been very fond of retro music: melodies by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle. He’s always felt that retro has to be served in a cool way to the audience to be able to relish it in the most seamless and relatable way. He churns out the best of numbers from the 70s upto mid 2000s & brings in a favor of music from the older era.

RJ's From Delhi

RJ Yogi



Kabhi Kabhi (10PM-12PM)
? Very often, we do not have any time to spare for anything, let alone for ourselves
? Kabhi Kabhi with RJ Yogi is a nostalgic show which gives its listeners the vibe of feeling good about themselves
? It gives that moment of soul searching and connecting with the self with the intent of bringing out the best in oneself and to make one feel better