RJ Arjun


RJ Arjun is the Most Popular Jock in Tirupathi With More than 10 Years On-Air he’s got huge following on-air and off air. Majorly catering to the Age group of 18 to 40.

RJ Arjun is a Familiar Name in the Business Circles too. He is Popular with Local Colleges and Institutes.

RJ Arjun gets Personalized gifts and Fan Mail from his listeners on a regular basis.

About the Show

The Temple Town of Tirupathi wakes up with Good Morning Govinda, a Perfect Breakfast show that is designed to cater all categories of people in Tirupathi.

This 4 Hour Breakfast Show Starts with Day Speciality, Special Birthdays , Today in history.

Followed by Special Activites , Darshan Timings any other details and information from TTD ( Tirumaa Tirupathi Devasthaanam)

A City Topic is picked in the Next Hour with Callers participating , and Expert Opinions and Take on the issue/topic.

Ending on an Entertaining Note with Filmy Updates