RJ Juhie Mohan


RJ Juhie | Jammu | BIG Morning Beats | 7-11 AM | Mon – Sat

Opinionated. City Observer. Passionate about Local Issues. Knowledge seeker. Jovial. Energetic. Positive.

Show Concept
It is Impact Breakfast show which has a ting of attitude with a lot of gratitude. Show talks about Local, Civic & Social Issues and is the only show in Jammu which is trusted by people when it comes to getting their serious issues addressed in a light and entertaining manner. Interesting segments like Biggipedia talk of local history, heroes, heritage etc- which is not being done by anyone and people are loving it as they get to know about their roots which they do not find anywhere else.
The way she blends and makes our local language ?Dogri? glamorous is evident from the fact that youngsters compel her to talk in ?Dogri? and prefer listening to her than any other radio station.