RJ Saretheran


Show Name: Sarithiranin Narithanam: Saretheran
Timing: 5-9pm

Highlights of the Show:

Sarithiran who is best known for his pranks will continue to take his audience on a laughter riot through the evening drive “Sarithiranin Narithanam” 5 to 9 pm every day.

Big 6 @ 6 – Listeners engaging game it is!! We play mix of 6 songs from the Top 100 charts and listeners will have to find it out.

Sarithiranin Narithanam Pranks – He is called as the Prank King!! Starting from K town Celebs to common people his pranks have gained a massive reach. Recently he pranked legendry actor in K town, Nasser with Lyricist Madhan Karky, which went viral online creating a buzz. It’s an in and out laugh riot!!

Vaanga Pazhagalam – Cannot leave out his Political comedies. He has brought in the trend of Audio memes. He plays with the interviews of famous politicians replacing the actual questions with his quirky questions.

RJ's From Chennai

RJ Miruthula


RJ Miruthula is an experienced RJ known for her soothing and stylish voice. Being a sportive and extrovert she is very good at striking conversations with listeners and befriend at the very first call.

Recently she has won the BEST FEMALE RJ of the Year from TN’s No.1 Tamil Magazine Ananda Vikatan.

Its hard to be active before and after Lunch but Ullae Veliyae is going to help people awake from being tired & sleepy. It is a game show where the RJ will interact with the listeners and entertains.

What’s in the box. The listeners should have their ears glued on to the radio to win this box game.

Show highlights:

11 to 12 – NIQ – Guess the new song pick of the week (Breaking Music – Pudhu Sarakku)
12 to 1 – what’s in the Magic box- – GAME FORMAT with clue based – Tamil word
1 to 2pm – BIG Music Jam – 2 songs jam – Identify the 2 common artist/ singer/ musician etc in the mash up.

RJ's From Chennai

Giri Giri


Show Name – Don’t Worry

Time -7am-11am

RJ Giri Giri is one of his kind with versatility his forte not only entertains the listeners but also empowers them… His versatility is such that from penning lyrically rich poetry to composing a tune for jingles, he can adapt to present shows for any daypart with diverse content and different music. Versatility is his forte. An energetic breakfast show presenter who can hook his audience with his moving stories over the radio, his versatility is unparalleled. With a strong background in theatre, his scripts and dialogues speak volumes Don’t worry show is a one-stop show which deals with all the contents dealing in the day to day life.

Highlights of the show:

Giri Giri has upgraded with a bang with his new show Don’t Worry with Giri Giri between 7 to 11 AM. The show has everything you need to start your day with, be it interviews of your favourite Top 100 artists or local to international news in his unique style. Studio 927 – Every single day we will bring Top 100 celeb to our studios and it’s more like a chit chat about the movie.

Urgent Orchestra – Every week Monday and Friday we produce-Urgent Orchestra. With the help of music and satirical lyrics, we pitch upon the current social vibes. Monday to Thursday Topical –Maathi Yosi Life Easy/Thursday Spl  9-11am BIG Heroes of Chennai

8am-9am – Paper Boy -Treatment – Witty

Tune in to “Don’t Worry with Giri Giri” everyday between 7 & 11 AM on 92.7 BIG FM to keep all the worries at bay when you start your day!

RJ's From Chennai