RJ Rohitt


Flamboyant, Witty, Smart, Cool and known to Bengaluru as Rockstar Rohitt, effortlessly transformed himself into the Serious, Knowledgeable MJ who introduces the lives of inspirational leaders to the people of Bengaluru.


Ok Darlings is the name of the show which just reflects his persona and chilled out attitude.

Show is completely filled with fun filled laughter interactions with loads of contests and giveaways.

There’s no topical discussions, no serious topics.

Anytime a person logs in to the show, each and every link they gonna enjoy, as it fun.

Music – Music Type – 80s, 90s till 2005 Bollywood


Markets Played – Bangalore/Mysore

RJ Viki


A night time show based on relationships which is more than just love shows, it’s about all kinds of relationships.


RJ Viki comes from the fame of webseries ‘loose connection’ as Nasa. Viki on kivi mathu plays a listener, a friend who people can call and talk to about their relationships.


Show Persona –  Kannada Retro


Music Type – 80s, 90s till 2005 Bollywood


Markets Played – Bangalore/Mysore


RJ Divyashree


MJ Divyashree hosts the devotional show “Suprabhata”. Divyashree, the MJ of the show, is a fresh face in the radio circuit. She is knowledge thirsty and has burning desire to discover the various reasons behind rituals and beliefs and reveals the same to the listeners.


She has a penchant for bringing forth mythological stories to the listeners. She brings with her a lot of credibility for the early morning devotional show. She is easy on the ears and light on the mind which helps make your mornings soulful and peaceful.


Music – Devotional Kannada songs and Mantras


Markets played – Bengaluru, Mysore, Mangalore.


RJ Rashmi


Known as Rapid Rashmi for her express unpredictable replies and razor sharp tongue, she is Bangalore’s favourite and most recalled RJ for 10 long years now on 92.7 Big FM hosting various shows. She brings the refreshing energy you need between 11am and 2pm.


Retro  Savaari is truly a savaari with Rashmi playing the best of Kannada Retro while also challenging the gray cells of her loyal listeners.


Music – Melodies from the 70s -90s of Kannada Film Music

RJ Shruti


A magazine format show with info about happenings around the city, fashion, tech, topics of day to day life for every Bangalorean;

Shruti with her Pataki persona and 12 years of rich experience makes this the best breakfast show in Bengaluru.

The info on the show is light, quirky, informative and all this with a zing of Pataki? Just what you need in the morning drive time 🙂

Music – 60s to 2000s Kannada retro golden hits

RJ Pradeepa


The Blue-eyed boy of Bengaluru?s radio industry, RJ Pradeepa hosts the evening show ?Full time pass? on 92.7 BIG FM.

RJ Pradeepa brings with him 13+ yrs of rich experience in radio and integrations and a powerhouse who make your evenings traffic a lite, fun and melodious drive back home.

Show Persona – ˜Kannada Retro

Music Type – 80s, 90s till 2005 Bollywood